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SHINTO VS BUDDHIST TEMPLES The temple complex actually has temples from different eastern religions.

We walked into one temple that was a Buddist temple, and the Shinto Priest explained the protocol for entering a Shinto temple.

And then as we left that temple and entered the Buddhist Temple, the Buddhist Monk “un”-explained the previous temple’s rules and explained the protocol for entering a Buddhist Temple.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine http://bit.ly/toshogu-shrine

2. TRADITIONAL SHINTO WEDDING At one of the Shinto Temples, we even had the opportunity to witness a traditional Shinto Wedding.

Shinto Wedding https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinto_wedding

3. SACRED TREE Nikko Toshogu is also called “Nikko Su-gi-na-mi-ki,” because it’s surrounded by Fifteen Thousand Japanese cypress trees that were planted in the Seventeenth century. THIS sacred tree, is over Six Hundred years old.

600 Year Old Sacred Tree http://bit.ly/sacred-tree


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